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The rosè has a beautiful salmon color and is a powerful, full-bodied wine. Its aroma is reminiscent of strawberries, wild berries and cherries. 

Grape variety: 
Zweigelt - Eisacktal South Tyrol. The Zweigelt was crossed by Mr. Zweigelt in Austria in the 1920s. Since the variety is still relatively young, it is not yet certified as a DOC wine. Zweigelt has been spread in South Tyrol in Vinschgau and Eisack Valley for 25 years. 

Production area: 
The Rielingerhof has planted 0.4 hectares with Zweigelt at 680-750 meters above sea level. On the steep southern slope at the foot of Renon with deep moraine soils, which consist of sandy loam and the topsoil from the Bolzano porphyry plate, fruity-mineral wines thrive. This characteristic is typical for the lower Eisack valley, to which the cultivation area also belongs. The climate on this slope suits the Zweigelt very well. It starts to ripen very early and has a long ripening period; in this way he can make the best use of the large temperature differences between day and night in autumn. 

The aim of the Rielingerhof was to produce a wine that is not necessarily typical of the variety but nevertheless reflects the terroir on which it grows. The grapes are not destemmed and are pressed completely with the stems. The grapes remain in the press with the skins until the juice has the right color. It is fermented at around 18 ° C. 

The Rosè is an excellent aperitif wine, suitable for hot summer days. 

Serving temperature: 
8 - 10°C. 

Ageing potential: 
2 - 4 years. 

Bottle to: 
750 ml - 75 cl - 0.75 lt. 

Wine can contain sulphites. 

Winery Rielinger BIO 
Wine has always been grown at the Rielinger estate. The Rielingerhof already produced wine in the Middle Ages for the nobility of the nearby castle "Castel Stein", today a ruin. An ancient grape press found on the grounds of the winery and now to be seen in the tasting room, provides evidence for the historical significance of wine making. The family Messner has been cultivating wine for three generations now. While part of the harvest was brought to a cooperative winery in the past, since 2011 the entire wine production is run and marketed directly at the farm. Thus, they can offer their guests a product grown, refined and aged on the farm. The challenge is of course to achieve a very high quality in the vineyard as well as in the cellar. Now they are member of the South Tyrolean Independent Winegrowers since 2011. Furthermor, the family had been thinking about organic production for a long time. After some updatings and advanced trainings on the subject of organic viticulture and discussions with like-minded farmers, they decided in 2015 to join the Bioland association.   

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Zweigelt Rosé 2020 Rielinger Winery Bio

Zweigelt Rosé 2020 Rielinger Winery Bio

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