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The Ansitz Waldgries Manor
First cited in a document dating back to 1242, the historic Waldgries Manor lies in the centre of Santa Maddalena/St. Magdalena, making it one of the oldest wineries in the region.
“That’s because tradition ultimately ensures permanence and consistency across generations”. Winemaking at the Ansitz Waldgries Manor has been ongoing for some 700 years. The most prestigious wine of the Ansitz Waldgries Manor is named “Roblinus” after Roblinus de’ Waldgries, the founder of the estate. In the centuries that followed, the winery had 14 different owners and, for an extended period, it fell under the ownership of the St. Klara Convent of Hall in Tyrol.
The vineyards of the Waldgries Wine Estate lies in an area overlooking Bolzano/Bozen, where palms, olive trees and figs also grow amidst the vines. Thanks to plenty of hard manual labour, the grapes fully ripen on the steep slopes of the vineyards year after year. «Overlooking Bolzano, with clear views of the spectacular Rosengarten Massif, the Waldgries Estate has continued to produce outstanding wines over the years.»
Christian Plattner, who leads the estate today with experience and vision, on the estate's philosophy: «If I was asked what winemaking means to me, I would say it’s worth all the time and trouble we’ve invested over the years.»

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