Distillate of Gentian 42% Zu Plun Distillery


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Gentian: The gentian flower, at home in the alpine meadows, is, in its raw homemade form, not for the faint of heart. Here at Plunhof, we distill gentian with the clear goal of creating a product of the highest quality. Incidentally, gentian spirits are not distilled from the protected blue gentian, rather from the yellow-blooming gentian, which is also protected by nature conservation law. The bitter roots are cut off, liquefied, mashed, and carefully distilled. Stylistics: The powerful, intensive aromas and rustic scents of tobacco and hay flowers are the seminal characteristics of this high quality brandy made of the South Tyrolean mountain gentian. 

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Farm Distillery zu Plun 

Florian Rabanser is a distillation master who lives at the foot of the Dolomites. His spirits, especially the Gin, encapsulates his passion for genuine flavors. 
«I decided to devote myself to something that allowed me to spend more time with my family. So I bought this Alpine farmstead, renovated it and 15 years ago I established the distillery. When i was working as a cook, my task was trying to reach a balance between all the different ingredients. And I still do something similar in my new job, so my past and my present have a lot in common, indeed. The “mental taste” of a cook has been very useful to me. Zu Plun is a very locally rooted company, and its products perfectly display it. Rhum and Gin are corked up, only if I am 100% sure of them. I don’t like trite products; they do not express my being. In other words, it is exactly like my handshake: strong and vigorous!».

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Distillate of Gentian 42% Zu Plun Distillery

Distillate of Gentian 42% Zu Plun Distillery

Bottle to: 0,35 Lt.

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