Caldiff 80 Apple Brandy barrique 17 Y Special Edition 40% Roner Distillery


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This precious apple brandy from Gravensteiner apples has been refined for 17 years in specially selected oak wood. Finally, the brandy spent the last two winters in rum barrels of our Alpin Rum R74 to complete its unique aroma. 

Mild and full of promise in the nose, ripe apple aromas combine with calm wood tones and the connoisseur can catch a hint of a Caribbean breeze. In the mouth, complex and fruity, the Caldiff 80 plays to its strengths on the palate through the Gravensteiner apples grown in the family's own orchard. In the finish it is long lasting, as if it wants to tell us the story of the last 17 years with every sip. 

Caldiff 80 Special Edition - for the 80th birthday of Andreas Roner, President and Caldiff lover. 

Aroma: Fruity 

Flavour: Round, Full-bodied 

Organoleptic description: A successful combination of ripe apple notes, the fragrance recalls the waxy skin of ripe apples. Sweet notes of caramel surround the play of aromas in the nose and give a hint of the resting time of the distillate in cask. 

Wine growing area: Termeno sulla Strada del Vino, own production 

Recommended with: Dried fruit, plums, cigars, cheese, dark chocolate 

Occasion: After dinner, For meditation, Gift idea 

Ageing: 17 years in oak barrels 

Service temperature: 18°C 

Bottle to:
700 ml - 70 cl - 0,7 lt. 

Roner Distillery 
It was 1946 when Gottfried Roner set up his first still in the family home and started distilling spirits. After early successes producing grappa, Gottfried, who was enthusiastic about his country and its fruits, decided to expand his operations. By macerating roots and berries from the surrounding forests, as was already the custom, he began to make time-honored products such as gentian, juniper and blueberry liqueur. These products are still among the most popular produced by our distillery today.

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South Tyrol
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Grappa/Tresternbrand gelagert

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Caldiff 80 Apple Brandy barrique 17 Y Special Edition 40% Roner Distillery

Caldiff 80 Apple Brandy barrique 17 Y Special Edition 40% Roner Distillery

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