Schwarze Johannisbeerbrand 200 ml 41% S. Urban Distillery


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For those who want to explore new horizons of taste we have in store fruit distillates from the St. Urban farm distillery. 

A myriad of aromas and fragrances engages the senses in an intoxicating and enveloping experience. 

Bottle to: 

200 ml - 20 cl - 0.2 lt. 


St. Urban Distillery

Artisan distillery inaugurated in 2008, St. Urban is synonymous with the art of distillation of unparalleled quality. The owner himself is in charge of the distillation, whose excellent work comes from intense training as a master distiller and specialized education in the field of organoleptic analysis. An essential prerequisite for the production of a brandy of unparalleled quality is the exclusive use of fruit from our own cultivation, harvested when fully ripe and carefully selected. Each of our distillates, obtained without aromas or added sugars, is pure expression of uncontaminated nature. Our fine brandy is distinguished by a very special aromatic richness and harmony, acquired during long months of aging. 

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South Tyrol
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Beeren- und Gemüsebrände
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Schwarze Johannisbeerbrand 200 ml 41% S. Urban Distillery

Schwarze Johannisbeerbrand 200 ml 41% S. Urban Distillery

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