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A small local company whose purpose is to produce high quality spirits and liqueurs using absolutely natural raw materials. All the aromas for grappas and liqueurs are extracted from different types of aromatic herbs, roots of precious plants or berries and fruits. After a cold maceration, digestion or evaporation, an aroma distillation often follows. They also use different hydrolates. The usual distillation after the alcoholic fermentation of the basic products is specifically renounced, as with this method most of the aromas and above all all the precious substances and active principles are eliminated. The alcohol used for grappa and liqueurs is an alcohol made from organic soft wheat, of the best quality, of Italian production, without the aftertaste of the raw material of origin, neutral par excellence. The peculiarity of the Alpen High® - Seppila process is to use the aforementioned alcohol as an organic solvent and with the help of various natural products to create a surprising and tasty fantasy of flavors.

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