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Manincor Winery
The 400 year-old wine estate, carefully and prudently extended by the wine cellar built beneath the vines and hardly noticeable from above, epitomises today the tradition and aspirations of a superior wine culture.
When Count Michael Goëss-Enzenberg took over Manincor from his uncle in 1991 the estate’s grape production was highly in demand, though it had no winery of its own and the grapes from its top sites were sold to the Kaltern and Terlan Wine-growers’ Cooperative Cellars. This soon changed. The aim was to produce top quality grapes and transform them into superlative wines in an immediately recognisable Manincor style.
Efforts initially went into the work in the vineyards, quality was increased by reducing yield per vine and eventually vineyard husbandry was carried out along more natural lines. Finally in 1996 the estate was able to begin crushing the grape production in a cellar of its own.
The Enzenberg family has been involved with the topic of biodynamics from the start. 2006 was the first year in which all the vineyards were cultivated on biodynamic lines, and since 2009 the entire estate has been legally certified as 100% biodynamic.
Count Michael Goëss-Enzenberg on the estate’s philosophy: „… Our mission to achieve the highest natural quality also involves a quest to find for the best possible means down to the tiniest detail. Manincor’s wines should be characterised by elegance and finesse, underpinned by impressive structure and backbone."

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