Black currant syrup 700 ml YO fruit sirup


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Blackcurrants are one of the few fruits that only really come into their own when made into syrup; eaten raw, their tart, bitter taste is not particularly popular. But they’re real vitamin bombs. Containing a high level of vitamin C and large amounts of calcium, manganese, iron, potassium and valuable fibres, blackcurrants stimulate the digestive system and help prevent constipation. 

Blackcurrants were not cultivated in Central Europe and Eastern Europe until the end of the 15th century, but are now grown throughout the world in mild climates. In Austria, blackcurrants are also known as “St. John’s berries”. They were given this name because they become ripe around St. John’s day, on 24 June. 

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700 ml - 70 ml - 0.7 lt. Black currant syrup YO

YO Fruit Sirups 
We’re very picky when it comes to fruit. Only the fruitiest fruits pass the rigorous quality controls which YO has developed to make sure that only the best fruit is selected. The fruit is nurtured lovingly until it’s ripe and juicy and ready to be harvested. 
And after it’s been picked, we make sure that it keeps its shape and retains its original, fruity flavour: As YO fruit syrup in YO bottles. Enabling you to enjoy the fruitiest fruits sip by sip – all year round. 

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Black currant syrup 700 ml YO fruit sirup

Black currant syrup 700 ml YO fruit sirup

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