Elderflower syrup 1.5 lt. YO fruit sirup


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YO elderflower fruit syrup stirs up memories of days gone by, when mother and grandmother stood for hours in the kitchen, shaking out and boiling up elderflowers to make their own home-made juice. The pleasant aroma and incomparable taste of YO elderflower fruit syrup make it a classic for all fruit juice lovers. 

Magical Elder 
The elder tree is shrouded in legend. According to one pagan saga, Mother Hulda lives in an elder tree, surrounded by her good “fairies”. She punishes anyone who dares break off a branch of her beloved tree. That’s why superstitious people will always think twice before chopping off a branch. The story also goes that, in former times, men used to tip their hats to elder trees as a sign of their respect for Mother Hulda. 

YO fruit tip: 

Try diluting YO elderflower fruit syrup with white wine or sparkling wine. A little dash is all it takes to give your aperitif a whole new and refreshing edge! 

Bottle to: 
1.500ml - 150cl - 1.5 lt. 

YO Fruit Sirups 
We’re very picky when it comes to fruit. Only the fruitiest fruits pass the rigorous quality controls which YO has developed to make sure that only the best fruit is selected. The fruit is nurtured lovingly until it’s ripe and juicy and ready to be harvested. 
And after it’s been picked, we make sure that it keeps its shape and retains its original, fruity flavour: As YO fruit syrup in YO bottles. Enabling you to enjoy the fruitiest fruits sip by sip – all year round. 

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Elderflower syrup 1.5 lt. YO fruit sirup

Elderflower syrup 1.5 lt. YO fruit sirup

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