Raspberry Destillate 42% Zu Plun Distillery


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Raspberry: The raspberry, rubus idaeus, is a flavorful yet tart fruit. Though the return on investment in cultivated raspberries is already low compared to other plants, wild raspberries, which are especially good for the distillation of spirits, require meticulous manual labor and have an even more meager yield. This yield gathered for distillation is especially valuable. Thanks to a mixture of various fruit acids, raspberries represent the very best of the art of distillation. Any true brandy should strive to live up to the superlative standards set by this distillate. This luxurious distillate is not comparable to anything made from a base of macerated fruit or the essence of berries, which can be added in small amounts to pure alcohol and then distilled after only a few days. At Plunhof we manufacture, as should be expected, a true brandy. Therefore we need no less than 100 Liters of pure mash per 4 - 5 Liters of distillate. Raspberries, by the way, are said to increase serotonin levels. No wonder then, that raspberry brandy makes everyone happy. Stylistics: Captivating your sense of smell with the scent of berries, this is a brandy with monstrous sensory fullness and persistence, with a layered profile of fruit flavors. 

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0,35 liters. 

Farm Distillery zu Plun 

Florian Rabanser is a distillation master who lives at the foot of the Dolomites. His spirits, especially the Gin, encapsulates his passion for genuine flavors. 
«I decided to devote myself to something that allowed me to spend more time with my family. So I bought this Alpine farmstead, renovated it and 15 years ago I established the distillery. When i was working as a cook, my task was trying to reach a balance between all the different ingredients. And I still do something similar in my new job, so my past and my present have a lot in common, indeed. The “mental taste” of a cook has been very useful to me. Zu Plun is a very locally rooted company, and its products perfectly display it. Rhum and Gin are corked up, only if I am 100% sure of them. I don’t like trite products; they do not express my being. In other words, it is exactly like my handshake: strong and vigorous!».

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Raspberry Destillate 42% Zu Plun Distillery

Raspberry Destillate 42% Zu Plun Distillery

Bottle to: 0,35 Lt.

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