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Winkler sparkling wine factory
The Winkler sparkling wine factory was founded in 1977 by Helmuth Winkler, who ran it until 2001. Unfortunately in the same year he became seriously ill and was no longer able to continue the business. After that there was silence around the cellar, for 16 years the production has dozed asleep and waited for it to recover.

Instead of gently waking up the company, their son Michael Winkler, his wife Verena and their children Maximilian and Anna-Katharina actively shook the foundations in 2017 and founded the Winkler sparkling wine factory. Declared goal: to supply South Tyrol and the world again with high-quality hand-ground sparkling wines. In a meticulous and detailed work, together with the winemaker and friend Stefan Donà, they searched for the right varieties in the right vineyards, which they found scattered throughout South Tyrol at over 580 meters above sea level.

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