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Walde Brunico - South Tyrol
Walde Brothers is a traditional South Tyrolean artisan company. It has existed since the beginning of the 19th century and produces chocolate, sweets and pralines according to old South Tyrolean recipes. It is a true family business. A producer of chocolates, sweets and pralines with a hundred years' experience of true craftsmanship. A company that perfectly combines old traditions with modern facilities. Equipped with machines and technology from the 20th century and with recipes that have been a family secret for 200 years. The origins of the name Walde date back to the 12th century, the company is already in the 6th generation. They only work with selected raw materials of the highest quality, creating products that are in harmony with our country. The name Walde guarantees the quality of the products and with the slogan: "The sweet side of South Tyrol" they offer you a real piece of South Tyrol. With the combination of chocolate products and traditional sweets they have managed to position themselves well in the market. Always changing with new products and strategies, but always Walde as it was 200 years ago. Always happy to offer you these fantastic products, a true sweet side of South Tyrol and to seduce you with a delicate and intense taste.

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