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The distillery Mangilli has created a prestigious name with its noble Grappas.Even today, the Grappa Mangilli is obtained with the following distillation methods:- discontinuous combustion process using conventional steam boilers and copper boilers to extract the best flavors and characteristic components.The traditional steam boilers, which have existed since the 18th century, are joined in 1998 by a new and modern water bath system (Bagno Maria):- Continuous combustion process using modern distillation columns where, unlike the discontinuous cycle system, all operations take place "without interruption".The distillate has excellent properties and a slightly lighter flavor than that of the batch firing process.In contrast to most other distillates, the Mangilli Grappas have no typical organoleptic properties, which can only be achieved by adequate aging, but are rich from the moment of distillation and full of typical aromas. A long rest in glass or stainless steel containers gives the Grappas a harmony and a better balance: For example, for the Mangilli Bianca, the minimum resting time is already 6 months.Ripening in matured wooden barrels instead favors the chemical-physical phenomena (oxidation, esterification, etc.) with the formation of constituents which give the distillate an aroma of great complexity and softness in the taste. In addition, the long-standing expansion in Grappa oak barrels also gives light tannins, a beautiful amber color and new organoleptic components.Mangilli Riserva is a blend of distillates matured in oak barrels, the most recent of which has been matured for at least a year.

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