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The Stiegerhof is located at 1,325 m on the outskirts of Oberinn am Ritten. Far away from pesticides, you will find the pastures and herb fields.
Due to the numerous hours of sunshine and the mild climate, hay and herbs can thrive. The snow in the cold season ensures good wintering and time out for the fields.

Recently, the Hochkofler family has also dedicated itself to the preservation of bees and can marvel at the interesting world of two colonies. The bees find additional food through the herb field and do not have to fly far.

The passion to deal with herbs and nature gave the impetus for the limited herb production in 2015. Since then, herbal mixtures and syrups have been produced at the highest quality level.

Right from the start, it was very important that 100% of our own products were grown and produced on the farm. For a regional product of this kind, the Stiegerhof takes it for granted that, in addition to cultivating the fields and harvesting by hand, they also grow the young plants they need themselves. The herbs are gently dried, processed, bottled and labeled on the farm. Every single step is sustainable and authentic.

In addition, the design of the packaging including labels is also developed in-house.

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