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Rodenbach Brewery
Originally from Andernach am Rhein, the Rodenbachs settled in the West Flanders' Roeselare.

In 1821 Alexander, Gregoor, Pedro and Amalia found the brewery. However, it is to Eugène Rodenbach that Rodenbach owes its unique quality and masterly character. He not only studied the vinification of the beer, but also optimised the maturing process in oak foeders (maturing barrels). The world-renowned foeder halls with their 294 oak foeders, some of which are 150 years old, are protected as industrial heritage of the Flemish Community.

As part of its efforts to protect Belgium’s beer heritage, PALM Breweries became steward of RODENBACH Brewery. The building complex and the cask halls were restored. The visitors’ centre with a museum about the unique Rodenbach family and beer was officially inaugurated on 23 June 2000. The state-of-the-art brewing room came into use in January 2002.

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