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Mountain Culture Since the year 2002 only farm-owned berries are processed to noble jams, fruit essences, nectars and syrups. In cooperation with local farmers, the assortment has been constantly expanded. So today, besides the fruit specialties, there are also mountain elixirs, which are traditionally refined grappas and alcoholic extracts based on mountain fruits, mountain herbs and mountain flowers. "The barren mountain life with short summers reinforced the appreciation for the mountain fruits and sensitized their use. Harvests were accompanied by gods and nature events were under their direct control. Fields were blessed, places smoked spiritually and so one was one between heaven and earth and knew of the transience of being, of the transience of the seasons, the harvest times, the fruits and souls. The latter remained as intermediate worlds. The mountain fruits, on the other hand, were gently processed and freed of the rules of transience by drying and boiling, and preserved for body and soul. "

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