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Pircher Distillery
Since 1884, the year when the production of fruit brandies began behind the walls of the monastery of the Teutonic Order in Lana, and thus also the long tradition of the Pircher house.

The Pircher name is associated with a unique South Tyrolean success story: Although distilling activities were not officially started until 1884, it is safe to say that the monks had already appreciated the pleasure of strong fruit brandies many centuries before! In the middle of the last century, three siblings of the long-established Pircher family of farmers and fruit traders from Lana took over the traditional monastery winery. They knew how to handle fruit and were soon producing strong, aromatic natural brandies in addition to the traditional clear pomace brandies (Treber, Grappa). In particular, the Pircher Williams Christ Brandy, which is still cultivated today, has been considered legendary ever since.

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