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Hof Gandberg organic Winery
For Thomas Niedermayr the process begins at the source. In the soil. With Mother Nature herself. Only healthy and living soil can produce robust and vigorous plants. Walking around Hof Gandberg, you come across Indian runner ducks, chickens, lovingly planted beds teeming with vegetables and herbs and a proliferation of plants between the vines. Every plant here is literally crying out biodiversity! And you can feel it, too. he vineyards located around the farm at 500 to 530 metres above sea level are influenced by the specific climate of the 'Ice Holes' and by 'Gandberg', which stands out as an impressive rock formation in the background. This means that the wines growing here are distinct thanks to their striking freshness and vivacity. PIWI varieties mean that chemicals and artificial substances can be dispensed with. And experience, empathy and passion mean that nature is allowed free range.

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