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At Feudo Montoni everything moves in the direction of listening to nature. A strict and good mother, according to the winery's artisan philosophy it always creates perfect conditions of balance that only if indulged and followed can be a prelude to great products. Currently the vineyard is, in fact, under certified organic management. The vines are located at altitudes approaching 800 meters in the interior of Sicily, a terroir that has now fully revealed itself as ideal for both a taut and elegant Nero d'Avola and for whites of excellent acidic and mineral shoulder. A mountain Sicily, in short, rather than a Mediterranean one. The vineyard is naturally grassed and in symbiosis with other selected crops. The soils, sandy on high ground, become clayey as one descends into the valley. The plantings are both modern, espalier, and bush-trained, over 50 years old like the one that gives Vrucara.

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