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Braida di Giacomo Bologna
Braida cellar represents passion and dedication to the wine culture that have been handed down from one generation to another. Thanks to that fervor, the family has always improved its production, creating wines that are simply revolutionary, rewarded and symbols of the highest skills of masters. It was Braida cellar itself, with its great intuition, to have used French oak barrels for the first time to refine the Barbera and transform it into the Bricco dell'Uccellone, a wine that is more and more dignified, respected and exciting. The vision of this cellar, which has an international weight, goes hand in hand with a more domestic dimension, in which the ancestors' and parents' wisdom has a great value. The name “Braida” itself comes from a distant heritage, dating back to the nickname of the great-grandfather, Giuseppe Bologna, of the current winemakers, Raffaella and Giuseppe. The terroir stretches for 56 acres near Asti and hostes crops for DOCG wines, including the Barbera, the Moscato and the Brachetto, and DOC wines, including the Grignolino, the Monferrato Rosso, the Langhe Bianco and the Langhe Chardonnay. Such an innovative cellar that certainly strikes in the name of the art of loving wine.

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