Cream siphon "INOX" "INOX" Profi Inoxcreamer 0,5 lt. Kayser


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"Kayser WHIPcreamer INOX" 
WHIPcreamer INOX is the professional cream whipper from the KAYSER product family and is suitable for the preparation of both hot and cold dishes as well as for both sweet and spicy reciepes. This state-of-the-art creamer complies with the european regulations on food contact materials and is also NSF-certified. The head and piston of WHIPcreamer INOX as well as its bottle, are made of high-quality, rust-free stainless steel. This fact ensures its reliability, durability and simple use and also enables its use in HACCP-compliant environments. All components of the WHIPcreamer INOX can be effectively and hygienically cleaned in the dishwasher. Ergonimic design combined with state-of-the-art technology make the WHIPcreamer INOX the perfect all-rounder for the professional kitchen. 
Only ever use the KAYSER WHIPcreamer with KAYSER cream chargers. 

Filling volume: 0,5 Liter 
Operating pressure (PS): 20 bar 
Permitted temperatur range: +1°C to 70°C 
Permitted operating gas: N2O 
Suitable intended uses: Household and commercial sector
Permitted ingredients: Cream and similar products, other foodstuffs 
Cleaning: Hand wash and dishwasher 
Maximun permitted number of Kayser chargers: 1 pc

Delivery unit: 
1 piece 

Kayser Berndorf srl
The origins of the compani Kayser date back to the yera 1952, when Mr. Herbert Kayser incorporated his business for "modern commercial apparatures" in Vienna, Austria. From this very beginning, KAYSER constantly develepoed, refinded and maintained its focus on a niche market for specialized gas cylinders for food applications, for technical- and sport equipment an related tools. In the year 1986 KAYSER was acquired by Mr. Johannes Conrad- Billroth and has been directed and developed by him ever since. Shortly after the turn of the millennium the subsidiary KAYSER s.r.o. was established in the Czech Republic and this move was the starting singal for the rapid development of the KAYSER Group and growth of KAYSER to a new era.

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Cream siphon "INOX" "INOX" Profi Inoxcreamer 0,5 lt. Kayser

Cream siphon "INOX" "INOX" Profi Inoxcreamer 0,5 lt. Kayser

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