Fata Bags cooking bags (20x20 cm 50 pieces) Non food


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Fata Bags, the professional and revolutionary bags for sous vide cooking!

We present a whole new way to revolutionize your kitchen: the Fata Bags! It is a line of barrier-coated and sealable bags for vacuum cooking at high temperatures, while allowing you to maintain all the organoleptic characteristics of your dishes.

Fruit of the genius of chef Fabio Tacchella, the Fata bags are a new way of conceiving cooking and vacuum cooking. These bags are in fact ideal for preserving the texture and flavor of your foods which, once vacuum-sealed, can be cooked inside the Fairy Bag.

These innovative bags resist temperatures up to 200 ° C, without adding fat or too many condiments. In this way, your dishes will cook in their natural juices, thus allowing you to obtain the maximum flavor and aroma.

Vacuum cooking bags: the Fata Bags

Fata Bags are bags for vacuum cooking, usable at high temperatures, barrier-coated and sealable. These vacuum cooking bags are a revolutionary product. Evolution of the Carta Fata, they are ideal for preserving all the organoleptic characteristics of your food, taking advantage of the vacuum and browning of the food being cooked.

Fairy bags are a new way of preparing, presenting and tasting food, a unique product that allows you to improve the cooking of dishes while respecting their nutritional values ​​and enhancing the presentation of the dishes.

Fata Bags, the bags for perfect baking

The bags for cooking in the oven Fata Bags are available in different sizes and models, including the single-portion version. The bags for vacuum cooking are the evolution of the classic version in roll, that is the Carta Fata, of which they maintain all the characteristics but add the advantages of the vacuum and the browning of the food during cooking.

The Fata bags allow you to boil, roast, fry and bake food in its own juices, without having to add other condiments and without losing vitamins and nutrients. It goes without saying that they are therefore perfect for meat, fresh fish and vegetables.

In short, these bags are ideal for preserving all the nutritional characteristics of your food and obtaining truly tasty dishes. Seeing is believing!

Fata Bags, bags to bake in the oven quickly and easily

The Fata Bags are the bags to bake in the oven in a very simple way, without wasting too much energy. With the Fata bags you no longer have to worry about which condiments to add or how to flavor meat and fish. They are the perfect aid for serving truly flavorful food. In particular, meat and fish, cooking in their own juices, will have a completely different flavor.

Say goodbye to the jumble of ingredients to flavor dishes: with these bags you can cook in a simple and fast way, whether you are an amateur chef or a professional in the sector. But what are the characteristics of the Fata bags? First of all, these bags allow to reach temperatures up to 220 ° C, with an optimal cooking range from 170 ° C to 200 ° C.

In this way, after the vacuum seal, you can easily brown and finish cooking directly in the bag. Furthermore, it is the perfect “mise en place” to preserve, cook and regenerate your food, respecting all the principles of vacuum packing. This also implies the reduction of cooking times, which makes these bags ideal for large catering.

Also perfect for cooking with smooth or grilled fry-top at 180 ° C, but also on plates for sandwiches on two sides, or grilled in the oven at 180 ° C, avoiding however the dispersion and evaporation of liquids and aromas, what which also allows a lower weight loss of food than other systems.

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50 bags Fata Bags 20x20 cm.

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Fata Bags cooking bags (20x20 cm 50 pieces) Non food

Fata Bags cooking bags (20x20 cm 50 pieces) Non food

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