Distillate of Beer stored 46% Capovilla Distillery


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Distillate of Beer. 

stored 6 years in oak barrels. 

Bottle to:
500 ml - 50 cl - 0,5 lt. 

Capovilla Distillery 
Vittorio "Gianni" Capovilla is widely regarded as one of the best distilleries of all time.

As a trained mechanic, he began his career in distillation in 1974. He previously worked for a well-known winemaking machine industry, which enabled him to see how widespread winemaking was abroad. During a visit to Austria and Germany in particular, he noticed how advanced the distillate sector was compared to the Italian situation. Not from a qualitative point of view, but rather because of the number of distilleries in operation.

Then he decided to go his own way that has brought him to the highest levels today.

Gianni has started distilling carefully selected marc and this has become his greatest passion over the years. The Distilleria Capovilla is still characterized by a careful selection of raw materials from their origin to processing.

In addition to fruit distillates, Capovilla also produces the original beer brandy and other high-quality grappas that are obtained from vinified pomace. The great experience and skill of "Capo" Gianni Capovilla can also be found in his Rhum, which is as unique as he is.

His words identify his philosophy and approach to this world:

"I like the good things in life, good friendships, and cultivate them like good fruit. Every morning when I get up I discover that I have a future, because thanks to this work I have something new to discover every day."

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Distillate of Beer stored 46% Capovilla Distillery

Distillate of Beer stored 46% Capovilla Distillery

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